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Our mission is to serve your organization by establishing a strong culture and thriving community using various design and multimedia services. 

Working primarily with faith-based organizations

We Help You:








Reaching your community in a clear way: Creating a brand that people recognize both online and in person is beneficial to every organization.


From your digital design, apparel or paper collateral - we ensure your brand is up to date with logos,

colors, fonts, and imagery that will allow your organization to be clearly identified to boost engagement.

Building a culture that people love to interact with: Design that points your audience exactly where they need to go will keep them involved with your organization.


Providing information that is clear and updated will allow people to want to connect with you. Our digital and printed materials are user-friendly and allow your organization to successfully build
a strong culture.

Keeping your message relevant in your community: With design constantly changing, it’s important that your brand changes to stay current with your target audience.


We specialize in “brand upgrades”
by taking your previous designs and giving them the necessary facelifts to keep your brand vibrant, fresh, and professional.

As a business, Hylton Design & Multimedia Services prides itself in serving with excellence.

 Serve wholeheartedly as if you were serving the Lord.
- Ephesians 6:7


About Ramona 

Founder of Hylton Design

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Ramona received a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Graphic Information Design with a minor in Marketing from Central Connecticut State University in 2012, as well as her Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Media from Northeastern University in 2014.  She currently works as an graphic design professor at Southern Connecticut State University.

In addition to work, Ramona is a youth minister at Shiloh Christian Church as well as the leader of the media team.. 


She is also the creator of Snacks 4 Thought Podcasts which are bite sized faith inspirations that are designed to draw you closer to God. Search Snacks 4 Thought in iTunes to download these free podcasts!

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